research management

In Australia, new ways of managing research have been developed and trialed. These approaches are much closer to normal business management techniques. In most instances, they have helped to increase the achievements from research. They have helped researchers to carry out their work and minimise the risks of research.

Capital Hill Consulting has extensive and in-depth knowledge of the new research management techniques employed by Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs). There are currently more than 60 CRCs in Australia. Each one is helping to maximise the capture of commercial and public benefit from public sector research.

Our research management expertise includes: In future, research will often need to be carried out in cooperation with other organisations to share the cost and increase the critical mass without damaging commercial objectives. Cooperative research management employs detailed research contracts, careful intellectual property management, and setting of long term and short term objectives. These techniques can be employed to regularly form and build the new relationships required in fast-moving high technology areas.