Capital Hill Consulting is an experienced consulting firm that can establish sound management, information and government strategies for your business or industry. If you have a contribution to make on a national or industry level and want to communicate your message to government or investors, Capital Hill Consulting has the experience and skills that make the difference.

In Australia new ways of managing research have been developed. Capital Hill Consulting has in-depth knowledge of the new research management techniques used by Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs) ... (More)

Canberra can sometimes seem a long way from the rest of Australia, and even committed public servants can find it difficult to keep in contact with the challenges of life and business in the rest of the country. Even so, key issues need resolutions ... (More)

People management is a key issue of the information age. Many Australians work in service industries which depend heavily on the skills of fellow team members. Yet in many cases, people management appears to be the most difficult challenge ... (More)

Today the Internet is the most powerful information-sharing tool in human history. The most successful organisations will be those with the best approach to managing this tool and the information it can provide ... (More)