Tony Hill, Managing Director
BA, M Env Std, Grad Cert PSM, MACS

Tony Hill image Tony Hill established Capital Hill Consulting following a background in senior government and information management extending over two decades. He is now working to develop the capabilities and skills needed in organisations to participate successfully in a knowledge society.

In his role as principal of Capital Hill Consulting Pty Ltd, Tony Hill provides consulting advice on large scale research funding, including strategic research management and cooperative research arrangements. He has been instrumental in developing successful funding of a range of major research ventures in Australia and has been advisor to governments on establishing new programs for developing effective linkages and knowledge transfer between industry, universities and government research labs.

He commenced as Executive Director of the Internet Society of Australia (ISOC-AU) in September 1999. ISOC-AU is a chapter of the global Internet Society (ISOC) which is an umbrella organisation for the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). ISOC-AU aims to be a voice for Australian users of the Internet. Members of the society include many of the people who established the Internet in Australia. Further information on ISOC-AU is available from

Between 1993 and 1999, he was Manager of the Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Programme in the Department of Industry, Science and Resources. In that time he had a significant role in supporting the development of policy for the CRC Programme and managing secretariat support to the CRC Committee and its selection and review panels. The CRC Programme supports cooperative research, development, education and training activities in more than 65 CRCs with approximately $140 million in program funds each year.

In 1995, he was Secretary to the CRC Programme Evaluation Steering Committee (Myers Committee). He was closely involved with analysing the Committee's 160 public submissions, briefing for the Committee and drafting its report. He also participated in the bulk of the Committee's 80 consultations held around Australia and its 25 overseas consultations.

He has had a 20 year career with the Commonwealth Public Service. Over that period he worked with seven Commonwealth agencies, including Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs, Department of Housing and Construction, Department of Administrative Services, Department of Social Security and the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Tony's academic qualifications include economics and geography at the undergraduate level, and a Masters of Environmental Studies. In 1994, he completed the Graduate Certificate in Public Sector Management.

Robyn Porter, Consultant
BAppSci(Chem), GDipMgt(TechMgt)

Robyn Porter image Robyn Porter has a background in scientific research (mostly protein biochemistry and biotechnology), intellectual property and management of government granting programmes.

She commenced with the CRC Programme in February 1997 as a Liaison Officer. In this position she negotiated and administered multi-million dollar contracts. This included liaison with a variety of individuals and incorporated provision of information and advice on the CRC Programme. She also prepared briefing material and provided secretariat support for expert review panels and policy advice.

During her time with the Commonwealth Government, she also spent a year undertaking research and assisted with the development of policy advice, legislation and administration of programmes in the Coal industry.

Between 1990 and 1997, she was a patent examiner in biotechnology for IP Australia. This involved the investigation and reporting on whether a person or a company was entitled under Australian legislation to patent protection for inventions based on technological innovation. During this time, Robyn also studied Patent, Trade Mark and Design law with a view to becoming a patent attorney. This has given her a good understanding of intellectual property management and the requirements for managing the 'publish or perish' mentality of academe.

Prior to this, she spent several years undertaking research in various laboratories and has contributed to research publications. This has given her a thorough understanding of the challenges facing researchers at the bench. It also enables her to talk to scientists about the challenges in taking research from the bench to commercialisation.

Robyn's academic qualifications include chemistry, mathematics and physics at the undergraduate level, and a Graduate Diploma in Management (Technology Management). She has enrolled to undertake a PhD in commercialisation and innovation.