January 2009: Capital Hill Consulting has become a Partner in the Victorian Industry Collaborative IPv6 Testbed Network. The purpose of the project is to provide an industry facility in the form of a distributed IPv6 testbed that will enable Victorian organisations to examine and test IPv6 implementation, integration and innovation, with a view to deploying the protocol within their networks, products and services. CHC will provide input into network functionality and design, will be involved in using the IPv6 TestNet, and will provide case studies detailing experiences with IPv6.

December 2008: The Capital Hill Consulting website is now available via Internet Protocol 6. CHC supports IPv6 Now Pty Ltd, the Australian specialists in understanding and implementing the next generation of Internet Protocols, IPv6. The IPv6 protocol has great potential to relieve IPv4 address space shortage, build larger, more efficient networks, and support greater international interoperability. It can allow business innovation and opportunity through just-in-time processes, mobility features and location-based services.